Nelson Beasley Vails!

MACC is excited to bring Nelson Beasley Vails “The Cheetah” to the 2017 One Love Century!   Nelson made cycling history being the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN to win an Olympic medal in the sport of cycling! 

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The road began in Harlem, NYC for “The Cheetah”, Nelson Beasley Vails. Harlem may seem an unlikely beginning for a cycling legend, but it was there that Nelson started on the path to becoming the first African-American to win an Olympic medal in cycling. His silver medal from the 1984 Los Angeles Games is the crowning jewel to a prolific and successful career on both the track and road. Cycling has taken him down many roads around the world, and Nelson’s contribution to cycling’s history was recognized with his induction into the US Bicycling Hall of Fame in 2009.  Nelson continues to make waves in the cycling world with his  “Ride with Nelly” series where 1,000’s of cyclists across the nation and abroad come out to meet and ride with him.
Nelson will participate in the One Love Century weekend riding both Friday (Pre-ride) and Saturday (Century Ride). During this time he will be accessible to our guests, so feel free to “Ride with Nelly” or after the ride step up to meet and speak with him.
You can find an abundance of information on the Internet regarding Nelson and his career, below are a few highlights. Refer to his Cheetah film listed under videos for his complete story.

Professional Cycling Career Accomplishments:

  • 1983
    • 1st Pan American Games, individual sprint
  • 1984
    • 2nd Olympic Games, sprint
    • 1st  US National Track Champion, individual sprint
    • 1st  US National Track Champion, tandem sprint
  • 1985
    • 1st  Track World Champion, tandem sprint
    • 1st  US National Track Champion, tandem sprint
  • 1986
    • 1st  US National Track Champion, tandem sprint